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A sprig of prey

I was born in a family where hunting was part of life. And I am really proud of it. Part of education was hunting ethics. Hunting for me was never a hobby or as many like to say, a sport. No, hunting for me is a way of life. It is who I am.

A lot of times I question myself if I really am an ethical hunter? Can I improve? I think that the most important thing is that my actions are seen as ethical. I don’t do things that might hurt the hunting community however, no matter how much I struggle, there will always be some part of the society that will find hunting unethical or better say inhumane. Are they right?

Is nature ethical

Red stag eaten by wolves - hunting ethics
Red stag killed and eaten by wolves

Let’s see what nature does to animals. There are predators, diseases, hunger and all kind of things that will try to kill an animal in its natural habitat on a daily basis. Animals are struggling every day for life. So if I shoot an animal it might be the easiest and less suffering way of all the ways that can occur to them. Yes definitely we might just wound an animal and it will suffer more than with a clean shot. We need to do everything possible to recover the wounded animal. If we are not successful it is ok to regret the situation. Think what was wrong and what could we do better so the next time it doesn’t happen again. In the end however we don’t have to apologise we don’t have to feel ashamed.

Nature is not acting differently and it doesn’t have its own hunting ethics. The problem is only because the major part of the society is not connected to nature any more which makes them think that hunting is unethical or inhuman. 

My conclusion is that nature itself is unethical and inhumane and we as hunters have to be as ethical as possible and try to hunt in such a way that will make animals suffer as less as possible. Which is not always possible but we must do our best.

I am proud to be a hunter.

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  1. Great article!
    It sums up exactly how reality is without sugarcoating it. As hunters we face too often the question that we need to explain why we hunt, or why it is wrong to call it sport. Thank you for taking the time and provide this clear answer.

    Waidmannsheil, Lovski blagor

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