Introduction into Long Range hunting

Introduction into long range hunting

As you have read in my previous article it is really hard if not impossible to say the exact range where long range hunting starts. Since it really depends on the caliber and animal we have to be prepared if we want to take that long shot. First of all we really have to know our rifle, caliber capabilities and how to correct the point of aim(POI). And of course we also need to know when the shot would be risky or impossible.

Especially in Europe most traditional hunters don’t like the idea of long range hunting. I can completely understand them. Anyway there is not a single optics or rifle manufacturer that is not offering at least one model of their products that is designed for long range hunting. We can criticise young hunters as much as we want but in the end they will try to make that long shot.

Helping instead of discouraging

My point of view is that we better teach them how to do it properly and of course ethically. It is not easy to be a young hunter. However there is also a lot to learn from young people. Generations are changing. This is not something that started happening now. It is happening all the time. If we ask the older hunters what was the general views about rifle scopes 60 years ago they will clearly say, that the older hunters were criticising the idea. There was always the fear that the new technology will wipe out the animals. But this never happened.

Today there are lots of different things that are damaging animals in a far bigger way than any kind of hunting. So don’t criticise something that is new for you. Try to help young hunters and do your part in the education them. If you are not familiar with something they want to try, don’t discourage them. They will do it any way. It is your job to turn them in the right direction.

Introduction into Long range hunting series of articles is giving everyone that is interested in long range hunting a good direction to start. I really hope you will enjoy it and find it useful. Of course you are welcome to contact us and ask any kind of questions. Believe me, there are no stupid questions, there are stupid answers. Don’t forget to subscribe to the newsletter so you will be noticed when the next article is published.

What will be covered in this article series

In the article series Introduction into Long range hunting I will describe all the necessary steps that are needed for ethical long range hunting. Below you can get an idea of what the next articles will be about:

  1. Rifle selection
  2. Caliber selection
  3. Bullets for long range hunting
  4. Ammunition for long range hunting
  5. Riflescope selection
  6. Rangefinder
  7. Ballistic software
  8. Accessories
  9. Zeroing the rifle
  10. Training for long range hunting

If you think we have forgot an important subject that you would like to see discussed feel free to contact us and let us know. We will discuss it in the following articles.

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