What is long range hunting

What is long range hunting

Long range hunting is getting more and more popular in the last years. Especially among young hunters. Often they get criticised by older or let’s say more traditional hunters. However long range hunting is not that new as some might think.

Hunters were forced to take long shots years before someone even mentioned long range hunting. There were a lot of reasons for this. The most important reason was terrain which made it impossible to get close to an animal for a closer shot.

Today the distance that we call long range is really different among hunters. Some will say that 200m is a long range shot while others will say that not closer than 400/500m. So who is wright?

Can long range be defined by a distance

My definition of long range hunting is different. I believe that we can not talk in meters or yards, but we need to consider more details in the actual equation. The biggest of all being the caliber and animal size. To make it clear where I am going with my thinking I would like to make a statement. This is my opinion and I will later explain why. Long range starts at the distance where the animal will be missed or wounded if the point of impact (POI) is not corrected.

Let me now explain my statement. Shooting a big red stag or North American elk can be pretty easy even at distances close to 350m. Of course if we use a magnum caliber with flat trajectory. What about a small animal like a javelina or roe deer? And if we put in the equation a slow caliber with a heavy bullet on such a small animal? Then I guess we all have to agree that the distance will be much shorter. Which makes it impossible to define long range with a certain distance.

Interested in long range hunting?

The article itself isn’t of much help for someone who would like to start practicing long range hunting. Or maybe you would just like to be able to take a longer shot from time to time. You definitely came to the right place. This is only the first of a series of articles about long range hunting. In the following articles we will discuss what you need for successful long range shots. Which bullets are suitable and how to choose them. How to choose a caliber that will fulfil your needs, rifles, optics and all the gear that you as a long range hunter might need.

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