October red stag spiker

The position from where I shot the stag.

I didn’t have the chance to hunt a mature stag this year, however hunting a spiker can also be interesting. Especially if all of them have too big trophies. Where I hunt 25cm is the limit of the horn length. I have been out quite a lot and I was able to spot a lot of animals. Mostly mature stags and cows with calfs. On this morning I went to a nice spot where you can easily scope the mountains. Immediately I spotted a big group of red deer. I tried to stalk them, but one of the cows spotted me and started moving into the woods.

Rangefinder showed 422m

It is really hard to move if there is no cover. I decided to go sideways on a nice spot from where I could go in a prone position and look better at the herd. Immediately when I got on my rifle scope I noticed two spikers. Both shooters. With my Leica LRF I measured the distance. It showed 422m which on the given day was doable. On my Swarovski Z8i scope I adjusted the drop and waited for one of them to give me the chance for a clean shot. Soon one of them turned sideways and I squeezed the trigger. The stag just dropped. 6,5×55 and 143gr Hornady eldx did the job perfectly. The bullet entered behind the shoulder and touched the spine which caused the stag to drop instantly. I would say perfect shot.

Some heavy weight lifting was involved to get it on the Jeep

I did some dragging and some heavy weight lifting to put the stag on my jeep, but it was well worth it. I took the deer in the valley and called my friends. We had a few toast and then I started with the processing. I also made the first deer jerky with the help of a friend and I have to say that it is delicious.

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