Tier-One Evolution bipod

Tier-one evolution bipod

It has been almost a year since I received my Tier-One Evolution bipod. I have extensively used on my have .338lm with a chassis and on my Blaser R8 professional in 6,5×55. Basically it has been all the time with me on the shooting range and most of the times while hunting.

Mounting solution

The bipod has to be mounted on a picatinny rail. Tier-One offers some solutions for this. All Tier-one adaptors have a built in sling stud which makes them really handy. Anyway you can have any kind of picatinny rail, but it must be mounted on the extreme forend of the rifle stock because of the bipod design.

Once the bipod is mounted it is really easy to take it off and on again because of the integrated fast attachment. This makes it also practical during hunting if someone might prefer to carry the rifle without the bipod.

Bipod features

By design the Tier-One Evolution bipod is quite unique. Immediately when you see it you can notice that it takes the gravity of the rifle in between the bipod legs which makes it really stable. Most of the other bipods are designed that the rifle gravity is on top of them.

Tier-one evolution bipod cant
The rifle in the picture is canted to the right. You can additionally cant it by regulating the leg extension.

The other great feature is the unique cant design. Even when canted the rifle stays stable. The recoil gets better absorbed by the bipod because the rifle barrel is in the middle of the legs and not on top of the bipod. Cant motion is exceptionally smooth due the the design of the roller bearing mechanism. You can tighten the whole unit down to the position you want using the torque nut. I usually have it torqued enough to let it moved by a little of force if needed.

How I carry the bipod

Deploying the bipod is really quiet which makes it ideal for hunting. Once deployed each leg gets secured by a pin. The pin is easy to push when we want to put the legs back up. If we need to stretch the legs we can do it by a push of a button and the spring will open them. This operation is not that quiet, so while hunting I mostly carry the bipod stretched. It is not that you can not do it quietly, but any way in most situations when you can use the bipod you need to stretch the legs.

On a shooting range and hunting situations

I mostly wrote about hunting situations. Anyway I have been quite a lot on the shooting range with my heavier rifle. The lightness of the bipod might seem a downside for a heavy rifle but it is not. The Tier-One evolution bipod structure is really rigid and it makes it a perfect bipod. Even on a heavier rifle like mine .338lm in a chassis system. The supplied rubber feet are really good for most occasions on a shooting range and even hunting. If someone might feel the need there are different accessories sold separately by Tier-One.

A really good thing about the bipod is that if you want to use the rifle from the back pack there is no need to take the bipod off. Since it is mounted on the extreme forend there is more than enough space for support of the rifle on the forend.

The bipod comes in two lengths one 18cm-23cm and the other 23cm-33cm. I highly recommend the longer one if you also plan to use the bipod in a hunting situation. If by any chance you decide to go for the shorter one and then find it too short, don’t worry, you can get 5cm legs extensions.

Tier-one evolution bipod accessories


What I find tricky is putting back in the legs. Because they are spring loaded it is almost impossible to do it with a single hand. Anyway it is not something annoying you just need to get used to it. Some people detach the legs and put them on the opposite side so that the mechanism is then turned towards the shooter. I haven’t tried it myself.

I don’t really think that the weight of this bipod is a downside since it wasn’t designed as a hunting bipod, but a tactical one. So for a tactical bipod is not heavy at all. However since this review is meant for the hunting community you must be aware that this is not a bipod that you want to buy for your ultra light carbon gun. If you are like me and you don’t care that much about weight but you want a great bipod for long range hunting and shooting than I can really suggest you to go for it. It won’t disappoint you.

Another thing that is basically the only downside if we can call it so is, that the bipod itself is really wide and you might need a new hunting rifle bag. Anyway as I already mentioned it is really fast to take it off and on, but if one would really like to carry around the rifle in the bag with the bipod attached you have to check the the bag is big enough in the front. In a shooting bag this is not a problem at all.

Tier-One customer service

After some extensive use of the bipod I lost a rubber end on one of the extensions. I contacted Tier-One directly on instagram and they asked where I bought the bipod. Since I bought it directly from them they asked about my address. I gave them the address and a few days later I received in the Mail a new pair of rubber ends. Palms up Tier-One.

Technical specifications

Weight(gram)375 – 18-23 cm
425 – 23-33 cm
Length(cm)18-23, 23-33

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