Save trail camera pictures into Google Drive

Trail camera with the “sending” options provide multiple options for the user to get his pictures in real time. Most often the preferred and cheapest is to use the eMail GPRS sending. The user simply gets his pictures as an attachment to a preferred eMail account. There is nothing wrong with this options, however if you have the camera at a very active place it becomes a bit tedious to open the pictures one by one from the received eMails. The best way is to save your trail camera pictures into Google Drive.

In the article below I will show you a short guide on how you can upload your pictures to a Google Drive account automatically. But feel free to contact me if you have any issues. Viewing and checking the pictures becomes really easy and straight forward. We are going to presume you use Gmail to receive you trail camera images.

For this we will need:

  • Microsoft flow account (
  • Gmail account (
  • Google drive account (

I am going to leave the account creation up to you. We can already assume that you have a Gmail and a Drive account.

Microsoft flow account

Creating a Microsoft flow account is similar as creating any other account online. Once you have the account created you can access the “My flows” pages inside your Microsoft account and create your flow.

Microsoft flow

Under “my Flows” select “Save Gmail attachments to Google Drive”.

Flow configuration

Under the steps enter all the required data. Location in the google drive and the file options. Make sure that the name generated for the file is unique. Simple trick is to add the date and time as the name. Once all configured and saved you will be able to view ALL of you images in one place. This is also very useful because you can use it on your mobile device.

Google Drive with all gathered pictures

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